May 28, 2017
Mack Madness
12:00pm - 10:00pm

Naylor Wine Cellars
4069 Vineyard Road
Stewartstown, PA 17363-8478

Wow! Mack Madness was another great day… We will be donating $33,000+ to charity this year. Our total now exceeds $280,000… Amazing…

Together we continue to make a difference in the fight against cancer and allow Mack's spirit to live through all of us! 

Thanks again to our committee members, those who make donations, our volunteers and those who attend the event. 
Lisa, Eddie, Bria, "Mack” and I can’t thank you enough!

A few of our charities for this year include the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, American Cancer Society, York Area Down Syndrome Association, Make a Wish, Reece’s Rainbow, Easter Seals, Autism of York and Leg Up Farm…

Naylor’s found a pair of prescription glasses in the field that someone had called about. If you know someone that lost a pair of glasses, please call Naylor’s Winery…

A ladybug moment Mr. Masterson passed away the Saturday before Mack Madness. He was a great man who we were close to. He and his wife raised a son, Pat, with Down Syndrome that Lisa and I, along with many others fell in love with over the years. We talked to Mr. Masterson about the challenges Mack might face and how much joy she brought to us. You could see the glimmer in his eyes about how much joy Pat brought to him and his family. A few days after he passed, the family went into his bedroom and there was a ladybug on his ceiling light… I get goosebumps writing this story… Do you believe.. We do…

Please be sure to visit our website for updated ladybug stories and other news. Photos from Mack Madness 2016 will be posted soon!

Also, mark your calendars for Mack Madness 2017 at Naylor's Winery on Sunday, May 28th, 2017!

If you were unable to attend this year's event but still want to participate financially, you can make a donation through our website

Thanks again everyone...

We're looking forward to seeing you at Mack Madness 2017!
Ed Schneider with Lisa, Eddie, Bria and forever in our hearts "Mack”!

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